Ethereum as a Digital Economy

What makes Ethereum’s narrative so hard to grasp relative to Bitcoin’s, and why Ethereum is the financial platform of the new digital economy

Daily Transaction Fees (USD), Ethereum (green) and Bitcoin (red)


Figure 1: A Framework for Value Creation & Capture
Figure 2: Paul Tudor Jones’s List of Inflationary Hedges
Figure 3: Paul Tudor Jones on CNBC
Figure 4: Bitcoin as a Store-of-Value Asset


Figure 5: Ethereum as a Value Creating Platform for the Digital Economy

1. The Problem

2. The Solution

Figure 6: Complexity and Change

3. Value Creation

4. Value Capture

Figure 7: Bitcoin (Red) and Ethereum (Green) Issuance. Source: Coinmetrics
Figure 8: Ethereum’s Value Capture Paradigm and Narrative Friction

Visualizing Ethereum: an Example

Figure 9: Compound Finance Dashboard
Figure 10: Uniswap Dashboard



Office of the CEO, ConsenSys 👹

Office of the CEO, ConsenSys 👹