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  • Klima DAO

    Klima DAO

    Klima DAO

  • John St Capital

    John St Capital

    Interested in all things Venture, FinTech, Public Markets, Personal Finance, and Sports

  • Sora


    Addressless Shipping | Privacy-preserving, convenient, and cost effective shipping

  • Tom Schmidt

    Tom Schmidt

    Investing @dragonfly_cap. Previously Product @0xproject, @facebook and @instagram, engineering @Apple.

  • Larsen Jensen

    Larsen Jensen

    VC @ Lightspeed • Olympian • Navy SEAL • Founder • Stanford MBA • USC Trojan

  • Allan Niemerg

    Allan Niemerg

    Founder, Yield Protocol

  • Eli G

    Eli G

  • Simon Morris

    Simon Morris

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